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Pro Triathlet / Video Producer 

Matthias Hohlrieder

Pro Triathlete |
Matthias Hohlrieder

Consistency is key. 

Growing up in Ternberg, a small village nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Alps, ski mountaineering and mountain bike tours were formative for his athletic passion. The experience in nature was what added to the allure. At the age of 12, Matthias first expressed his goal of becoming a professional triathlete. #chasingthedream

Video Producer |
Matthias Hohlrieder

“It is not important who you are, but what you do.”

The passion for filmmaking started with the creation of short, dynamic sports video clips on his own YouTube channel. Nowadays, international sports brands rely on Matthias’ work. His eye for the essential and his precise sensitivity to dynamics contribute to making each video a unique, emotional cinematic experience.